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Manage two-step verification (2SV) for your account

Two-step verification (2SV) is a sign in process that uses your username and password, but also requires an extra piece of information.

For the Oracle Construction and Engineering Account, you can use your email, an app, or your phone to verify your sign in. This extra verification step keeps your account safe, even if someone else has your password.

You can manage your two-step verification settings in the User Settings for your Oracle Construction and Engineering account.

Manage two-step verification methods

  1. Sign in to Oracle Construction and Engineering Cloud. 
  2. Click the user menu on the top right and select User Settings.
user settings menu
  1. Your two-step verification settings are shown on the right-hand side.
2sv settings

Choose a two-step verification method

The following methods may be available. The available methods can be altered by your organization administrator.

Text Message (SMS)
A passcode is sent by text message to your mobile device.

Oracle Authenticator App
A push notification is sent to your mobile device giving you the option to allow this sign-in attempt. This method will only work if the mobile device has an internet connection.

Mobile App
A mobile app generates a passcode. All mobile apps that use the TOTP RFC 6238 standard will work with this method.

A passcode is sent to your email address.

Secret Questions
A secret question must be answered correctly.

Add a two-step verification method

  1. Click the + icon to chose a two-step verification method.
add 2sv method
  1. Follow the instructions for the selected method.
  1. Enter your password to confirm the change.
  1. This method will now be available when you sign in.

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