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Working with Models for Mobile

Access to your models in Oracle Aconex Mobile to carry out a variety of tasks wherever you are.

Viewing models

  1. Tap a model in the list to view it. You can select multiple models at once to create a federated view.
  2. Tap on the Download icon to download the model stack. 
download model
  1. Once downloaded, the model is stored on your device and enable you to access it with or without an internet connection. The data will remain on your device until you choose to remove it.
model view in mobile
  1. Tap the screen to view the toolbar and camera controls.
  2. Tap the Expand icon to view the model in full-screen mode.
expand model
  1. You can view as many models from the stack as you need to. This is called federating, which simply means loading, and therefore overlaying, multiple models together. Normally you'd load the different disciplines for a model into one federated view of the entire building.
model view full screen

Removing models from your device

  1. Select the more options (ellipsis) menu in the model stack.
  1. Tap Remove this revision from the device. You will then see a warning message.
Remove this revision from the device
  1. Tap Remove to permanently remove the model from your device.
confirm model removal

Updating a model to the latest version

  1. If you have an internet connection, you can access the latest versions of your models. When a new revision is available for download to Mobile, the more options (ellipsis) menu is highlighted in red. 
  2. Tap the more options (ellipsis) menu.
  3. Tap on Download new revision to update to the latest version.
download new revision

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