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Aconex Associate

Master the essential skills


This course introduces the fundamentals of Aconex. It provides you with the knowledge to make Aconex easier and more effective. You’ll learn about the Aconex model, how organizations create and share information and the importance of revision control.

All learning content is free, you just need to register. To gain accreditation, we charge a fee. Assessments can be purchased from Oracle Store.

Target audience

Aimed at all users of Aconex. It covers the basic skills and understanding that are important for everyone – even if you don’t use the system frequently.


There are no prerequisites for this course.


  • How Aconex benefits your team
  • Find and retrieve information when you need it
  • Communicate and send documents to others


  1. Aconex Fundamentals
  2. Working with Documents
  3. Working with Mail
  4. Make Aconex work for you


After completing this course, you will be able to demonstrate the following:

  • Logging in and basic search techniques (documents and mail)
  • Opening and downloading documents
  • Sending (transmitting) documents to others
  • Uploading and revising (superseding) single documents
  • Searching for older document revisions
  • Creating and sending mail to others
  • Inviting others to a project
  • Managing your personal preferences (e.g. timeout and time zone)