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Aconex Certified is now Aconex Accredited

What you need to know.

In October 2020, Aconex Certified became Aconex Accredited.

Along with a change in name, the learning content (previously hosted on Litmos) moved to Oracle University, providing you with a superior learning experience.

Unfortunately we were not able to transfer your existing learner accounts to Oracle University, due to data protection regulations (e.g. GDPR). For more details, see Oracle’s Services Privacy Policy.

What happened to my Aconex Certified account?

All Aconex Certified account on Litmos were retired on October 1st, 2020.

My organization made a bulk purchase of assessments and I've been given a code to use on Litmos. What happens if I don't use it before October 1, 2020?

The code that was issued for Litmos was voided on October 1, 2020. However, you can contact if you have questions regarding your organization's unused codes.

Please make sure to provide the legacy token code and/or sales order number in the email body.

I've achieved certification for Aconex Certified on Litmos, do I need to retake the assessment for Accredited on Oracle University?

Certificates which were completed on Litmos stay valid and won’t have to be redone on Oracle University. If your certificate shows a “valid until” date, please email us on and we will re-issue an updated certificate for you.

Will I receive a certificate if I complete an assessment on Oracle University?

We do no longer issue certificates. However, upon completion of the assessment on Oracle University, you can earn digital badges, which can be posted on LinkedIn. 

Where can I find more information about this change?

If your question isn’t covered here, please email

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