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Aconex Certified becomes Aconex Accredited

Aconex Certified is getting a big make-over!

In October 2020, Aconex Certified will re-launch as Aconex Accredited.

Along with a change in name, the learning content (previously hosted on Litmos) will move into Oracle University, providing you with a superior learning experience.

Unfortunately we are not able to transfer your existing learner accounts to Oracle University, due to data protection regulations (e.g. GDPR). For more details, see Oracle’s Services Privacy Policy.

What happens to my Aconex Certified account?

We are migrating from one system to another, which means that your current Aconex Certified account on Litmos, will be retired. You will lose access from October 1st, 2020.

Please log into Aconex Certified on Litmos to retrieve your completion records. Read on for instructions.

What do I need to do?

Download your certification(s):

  1. Log into Aconex Certified on Litmos.
  2. Click the Achievements tab.
  3. Download a PDF copy of your certificate(s).
download certificate

Record your achievements:

  1. Log into Aconex Certified on Litmos.
  2. Click the Achievements tab.
  3. Take a screenshot of your Achievements and save the image somewhere safe.

You probably have noticed that we have started to implement the name change. Whilst we are trying to get this done as quickly as possible, there is quite a bit of work to do. So for a period of time you will find reference to both Aconex Certified, and Accredited. Please rest assured that they refer to the same thing!

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