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Aconex Certified Specialist (ACS)

Administer your project and team


This course introduces Aconex administration. It provides you with the knowledge to successfully manage your organization, its users and your projects. You’ll learn good practice principles and the importance of documenting the how your project is configured.

All learning content is free. You just need to register. To gain accreditation, we charge a fee.

Target audience

Aimed primarily at users that need to administer their own organization or a project. It covers how to configure a project, along with some advanced features.


We recommend you complete the Aconex Associate and Aconex Professional learning first.


  • Learn to how to control the creation of information
  • Efficient management of the project, your organization and its users
  • Understand documentation and the basic change management


  1. Organization Administration
  2. Project Administration
  3. User Administration

The modules are made available as separate courses allowing flexibility in learning.


After completing this course, you will be able to demonstrate the following competencies:

  • Creating new user accounts and disabling existing ones
  • Managing your organization’s preferences
  • Creating user and project roles.
  • Managing user-based assets
  • Changing the configuration of a project
  • Managing preferences (organization, project and user)
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