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Watch our recorded webinars and learn Aconex from the experts.

  • Anyone who wants a solid foundation in Aconex

    In your work day, every second counts. The better you know Aconex, the smoother your day will be.

    This Fundamentals training session refreshes the skills you gained in the Aconex Certified Associate Course to help you get more done, faster, in Aconex.

  • People who manage Admin settings for their company

    You're about to master the key skills needed to succeed as your company's Aconex Project Administrator. Managing, changing and controlling projects will become a breeze.

    This short training course will lead you through the ins and outs of administering projects in Aconex.

  • People who manage Admin settings for their company

    How do you deal with new starters? How do  you deal with people leaving?

    This webinar builds on your Aconex skills, showing you how to manage your organization’s users. Get an understanding of roles and what options are available with custom roles and preferences.

  • People who manage Admin settings for their company

    This short, sweet training session steps you through the responsibilities that you hold as an Org Admin. You'll learn how to update your organization’s preferences in Aconex, manage the communication of configuration changes and manage Aconex user roles.

  • People who want to work more efficiently with documents

    If you’ve got the fundamentals of Aconex under your belt, and you want to make your work more efficient, this is the training session for you.

    Perfect for anyone who’s working with the Documents module on a regular basis.

  • People who work with and manage hundreds of documents

    This webinar is specifically designed to upskill those who manage large volumes of documents, and who already have a solid grounding in both Aconex fundamentals and managing multiple documents.

  • People who need to review documents

    How are workflows used on a project? How are document reviews tracked in Aconex?

    If you have documents awaiting your review on the Aconex Tasks page, you need to know how to use the Aconex Workflows module.

  • People who want to manage issues and inspections

    If you are a Field and Inspections Administrator, this webinar is for you. Let our Product Specialist take you through all the basics to get you up to speed.

  • People who need to collaborate on shared contracts

    If you’ve been asked by your client to collaborate on a contract via Aconex Connected Cost this webinar is for you.
    In ten minutes you’ll learn about accessing your shared contract, how to submit payment applications and contracts upstream and more.