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Cost for Downstream Contracts Collaborators

Learn how to submit payment applications and contract changes upstream for shared contracts.
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People who need to collaborate on shared contracts

When a contract is shared with you via Aconex Connected Cost the Cost module will be enabled on your Aconex account.  Your downstream version of Connected Cost contains a contract register, payment application register and contract change register where you can collaborate, manage and store contracts related information alongside project mail and documents.

Collaborating in real time with Aconex for contracts administration processes means that response times are reduced and vital commercial data is held on a trusted, secure and neutral platform.

Covered in this video is the following:

  • Access your shared contract
  • Submit Payment Applications upstream
  • Submit Contract Changes upstream

By the end of this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Access and navigate Aconex Connected Cost
  • Access your shared contracts from upstream organizations
  • Create and submit Payment Applications upstream with supporting documentation
  • Create and submit Contract Changes upstream with supporting documentation