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Managing Multiple Documents

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Presented by Delyse Sargeant
Questions asked in this webinar: 

What if I don’t want everyone to be able to see a document in Aconex?

Yes, you can mark any document in your register as Confidential, then set up an access list to control who can see it. If you transmit a confidential document to another organization, only the recipients on the transmittal will be able to see the document.

I have thousands of documents to upload. What’s the easiest way to get them on to Aconex?

The multi file upload tool is good for tens to hundreds of documents, but if you have thousands to upload, you may want to use the Bulk processing method instead.

I wish I could find documents faster. Is there an easier way to search the document register?

The drop-down fields a good way to start searching, but you can also use Boolean operators and wildcards in the super search to make your search more efficient.

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People who want to work more efficiently with documents

If you’ve got the fundamentals of Aconex under your belt, and you want to make your work more efficient, this is the training session you need.

Perfect for anyone who’s working with the Documents module on a regular basis, this webinar gives you the skills you need to get more done, faster, in Aconex.

  • Upload, update and manage large volumes of documents efficiently.
  • Grasp basic document control principles.
  • Understand the document audit trail in Aconex.

By the end of this 30-minute session you’ll be able to:

  • follow document control standards
  • create and use document upload profiles
  • upload and update multiple documents at once
  • track changes to documents in Aconex.


This session builds on the skills you’ll gain in this training:

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