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Organization Administrator

We've recorded our most popular training courses so that you can learn from the Aconex experts when it's most convenient to you.
Questions asked in this webinar: 

How do I create new users for my organization?

How can I remove a user who’s left my company?

In Aconex we don’t remove or delete users. But you can disable user accounts. If you do this, that person won’t be able to log in, and they’ll also be removed from the project and organizations directories.

How can I restrict users’ ability to search for documents and mail on a project?

You can set up customized roles at an organization level, and at a project level. So you can create a role for a given project that restricts users’ search capabilities for documents, mail, or both on that project only.
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People who manage Admin settings for their company

As your company’s Aconex Organization Administrator you have a lot of control, and quite a bit to learn! Don't worry though, the job’s much easier once you master a few key skills.

This short, sweet training session steps you through the responsibilities that you hold as an Org Admin.

  • Update your organization’s preferences in Aconex.
  • Manage the communication of changes to your Aconex configuration that affect users.
  • Understand and manage Aconex user roles.

By the end of the 30-minute training session you’ll have the skills to:

  • manage and update your organization’s information in Aconex
  • understand how preferences work in Aconex, and what changes you can make
  • update existing user roles and create new ones.