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Scan QR codes to select your location

Scan QR codes in Oracle Aconex Mobile to select the location for issue capturing, or view your issues list in that location.

Oracle Aconex Mobile allows you to quickly scan a QR code to select a location for capturing issues. You’ll also see the list of issues related to your organization at that location.

You can only scan QR codes that have been exported from your project in Field, or Oracle Aconex Mobile. You'll need to be logged into Oracle Aconex Mobile to use the Scan Location screen.

QR Code Examples

Your Field project administrator may have printed QR codes for each location. These appear similar to the below example and are usually displayed on-site in each location or area.

QR codes will also appear at the top of PDF issue reports exported from Aconex or Oracle Aconex Mobile. See the example below.

Scan a QR code

  1. Log in to Oracle Aconex Mobile.
  2. Tap Issues.
tap issues
  1. Tap Location.
tap location
  1. Tap the QR icon at the bottom of the screen.
tap qr
  1. Scan the QR code located on the printed document. Do this by holding your phone or tablet up in front of the QR code. 
hold your phone to the printed QR

You can also scan QR codes directly from PDFs displayed on a computer or mobile device screen.

  1. The location will be selected and you will see a list of the issues logged for that location.
location selected
  1. Begin capturing issues in the selected location.

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