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Create and send mail in Oracle Aconex Mobile

Create mail whether your're at home, on your way to work or on-site.

Create and send mail

  1. Tap the new mail icon at the bottom right.
new mail
  1. You’ll see the New Mail screen, where you can:
  • Select a mail type
  • Add recipients
  • Add mail attributes
  • Add mail details
  • Set whether a response is required to the mail
  • Add a subject line
  • Add your message.
  • Add attachments
  • Set confidentiality

    Tap on each field to change its value.

  1. Enter your message into the space provided.
  2. Start typing the recipient name in To, Cc, BCC fields for auto suggestions.
    a. Select the chevron icon to drill down into the project directory.
    b. If the person does not appear on the list, tap Search Global Directory.
  3. Tap on attachments to add camera or gallery images, files, documents, or project mail.
    a. Tap the camera icon to capture a photo, video or audio recording on the spot to attach to your mail.
  4. Toggle the confidential switch to make the mail confidential.
  5. When you’re ready to send the mail with all mandatory fields filled in, tap the Send button at the top-right corner.
mail composition screen

Reply to or forward mail

  1. From a mail, tap the arrow icon at the bottom right. 
  • Select Reply to reply to the mail sender.
  • Select Reply All to reply to all members copied on the Mail.
  • Select Forward to forward the mail to other project members.
reply icon
  1. You’ll see the Reply or Forward Mail screen similar to the new mail screen. Field values will be pre-filled from the originating mail values.
  2. Tap a field to change its value.
  3. When you are ready to send, tap the Send button at the top right. 
tap send

Resolve unsent mail

Unsent mail will be sent automatically when you have a stable internet connection. However, if there are mails that could not be automatically sent, you’ll see a notification at the bottom of the screen. An exclamation icon appears next to any mail that has not been sent.

  1. Tap Resolve to view the list of unsent mail. 
tap resolve
  1. Tap on a mail to view its details.
  2. A banner on the top of the screen explains how to resolve the error. Tap Edit and resolve the validation error.  As an example, you may need to complete a mandatory field.
tap edit
  1. Once the errors are resolved, the banner will be cleared.
  2. Tap Send and your mail will be sent.
tap send

When using the Oracle Aconex mobile app offline, cached data will automatically sync when you have a stable internet connection. If you explicitly log out without an internet connection, any cached data will be lost. Where possible, we recommend staying logged in at all times and syncing regularly to avoid this. If your login session has expired, you’ll just need to re-enter your password when you have an internet connection, and your data will sync.

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