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Transitioning from the Mail and Docs app

Mail and Documents are now available on Oracle Aconex Mobile.

As part of Oracle Aconex’s program of continuous improvement, the existing Oracle Aconex Mail and Docs app will be replaced by the new Oracle Aconex Mobile app. The old app will be removed from the store by mid-2021.

For more information on how to access and use the Oracle Aconex Mobile app, see:

The new app has more features, better security and improved user experience.

What are the major changes over Aconex Mail and Docs?

Native UI elements and cleaner design

  • We’ve followed platform interface guidelines to ensure a clear and consistent user experience.
  • With status badges and unread indicators, important and critical mail are highlighted for immediate attention.

Improved searching capability 

  • All searches are wildcard by default improving the likelihood of finding what you're looking for.

Improved filtering and sorting:

  • Easily toggle between your own and your organization's mail
  • In addition to filtering you can also sort your results

The entire mail thread is displayed 

  • All communication relating to the mail is displayed which provides greater context allowing for a quicker response.

Improved syncing, caching, and offline support

  • Offline capability means work is less likely to be interrupted on sites that have intermittent or poor network connectivity. 
  • Automated caching ensures you have the information needed on your device to continue with your work.
  • All activity is queued and synced with the server once internet connectivity is restored. 
  • Assistive information is provided for unsent items, so you can easily troubleshoot any validation issues.

Attach files from multiple sources

  • Multiple attachment options mean you can attach files from a wide ranges of sources including the document register, drawings, mail, your device or by taking a photo or video.

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