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Transitioning from the Mail and Docs app

Mail is now available on Oracle Aconex Mobile.

As part of Oracle Aconex’s program of continuous improvement, the existing Oracle Aconex Mail and Docs app will be replaced by the new Oracle Aconex Mobile app. The old app will be removed from the store by mid-2021.

For more information on how to access and use the Oracle Aconex Mobile app, see:

The new app has more features, better security and improved user experience.

What are the major changes over Aconex Mail and Docs?

Whether you’re at home, on your way to work or on-site, the Oracle Aconex Mobile app allows you to:

  • View 100 mails per page (increased from 25).
  • Identify unread mail, using unread indicators.
  • Quickly filter between your organization and your mail.
  • Track communication with mail threads.
  • Attach documents, files, photos, and videos to project mail.

Other improvements:

  • Full screen filtering and searching.
  • Searches are wildcard by default (no need to add special characters such as an asterisk).
  • Mail details are easily accessible.
  • Reduced steps to create and send mail.
  • Automated syncing. Offline mail immediately sent when connectivity is restored.

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