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Resolved: Field API Release 1.49 is not backward compatible

Wednesday, 27 June, 2018

Field API 1.49 Release (bundled with Field Web 4.3 Release) that was deployed to AU1 on June 21, introduced versioning for Field APIs.
As part of these changes, the previously optional ‘Accept’ header was made mandatory for a few API requests.
This has introduced a backward incompatibility issue and has impacted the Bulk Issue Upload Tool, reported on AU1 instance.

Release with Fix 
The fix is to make the 'Accept' header value optional again to ensure that we remain backward compatible.
We have deployed the fix to apiprod today (June 27). Once validated, the fix will be released to AU1 today as Field API 1.49.1 Release.

No action is required once the fix is deployed to all instances.
Interim solution: Include mandatory `Accept: application/json` or wildcard `Accept: */*` header in the API requests.