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US1 OCI: Fixing OAuth token POST request 411 Error code

Thursday, 23 April, 2020

We are noticing errors for several clients related to OAuth token POST requests on US1 after migration to OCI last weekend.

OAuth APIs impacted: HTTP POST:  https://{auth server hostname}/as/token.oauth2

Problem: With the US1 OCI migration, and requests being routed though Akamai now, it is enforcing stricter rules for API POST requests.

It requires 'Content- Length' to be specified in the header for OAuth token POST request even if Content-Length is 0. Otherwise, it will result in ‘Error Code 411: Length Required’.

Solution: Add ‘Content-Length: 0’ to the OAuth token POST request header in the client code. This is applicable ONLY to requests with 0 content payload. If the POST request has content, then the header should reflect the actual length of the content being sent. 

Note: Adding Content-Length to the request header will not cause any problems to the integration running on other non-OCI instances.

Learn more about this Akamai policy here: