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Using Aconex

Using Aconex

From getting started to advanced document management techniques, our user kit will help.

Get Started

Are you new? We’ll help you get up and running.

Working with Documents

Find out how to upload, send, update and review documents.

Uploading, superseding, transmittals. Find out about working with documents.

Using Project Mail

Use project mail for day-to-day correspondence.

Use mail for day-to-day correspondence. Find out about using project mail.

Searching in Aconex

Find the right information when you need it.

From simple to complex search techniques. Find out about searching in Aconex.

Using Cost

Manage your project's financials with Connected Cost.

Using Models

Share models with everyone on the project.

Share models with your project team using Models.

Reporting in Aconex

You can report on documents, mail or use the Dashboard for a quick overview about your project.

Report on mail and documents. Find out about reporting in Aconex.

Using Workflows

Use Workflows for sets of documents that go through an identical review and approval process.

Manage document reviews more easily: use Workflows in Aconex.

Using Tenders (Bids)

Tenders (or Bids if you are working on an American-based project) helps you manage the tendering process.

Track tender and bid processes with ease. Find out more about Tenders.

Using Packages


Use Packages to create sets of documents to be used on your project.

Using Supplier Documents

Use Supplier Documents when you need to request a large number of documents from different suppliers.

Request and receive documents from a range of suppliers with Supplier Documents.

Using Tasks

Use Tasks to manage your 'to do' list in Aconex.

Looking for your Aconex "To Do" list? You'll find it on the Tasks page.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I update (or “supersede”) a document?
I've forgotten my password. What should I do?
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How do I find a mail in Aconex?
How do I invite someone to a project?

Who is my Org Admin?

Your Org Admin can reset your password and help you use Aconex.

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