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Troubleshoot account access problems

Having trouble accessing your account on Aconex?

Your Aconex login details control access to Aconex, Oracle Aconex Mobile, and Aconex for Outlook.

Click on the link below that describes the issue you are experiencing:

I’ve forgotten my password

You can reset it yourself, immediately, in the Aconex web application.  Please ensure you check your junk/spam folder in case the email was filtered there.  

Alternatively, ask your Org Admin to set a temporary password for you.

My account’s been locked

An account becomes locked after too many invalid login attempts and requires the password to be reset. Follow our password reset instructions to regain access.

My password’s been reset

If someone in your organization has reset your password (usually your Organization Administrator), they’ll give you a temporary password. Use it to access your Aconex account and create a new password for yourself.

If you can’t remember the temporary password, contact your Organization Administrator.

My password’s expired

Follow our password reset instructions to regain access to the main Aconex application, and any other Aconex apps you use.

My account’s been disabled

Contact your Organization Administrator for help.

Aconex asks me to change my password every time I log in

  • This can occur after you have reset your password, but are entering an incorrect login name.  Your login name is case sensitive and generally NOT your email address.  Make sure you check your login name from the password reset email you received.
  • You may be accessing an old or incorrect login page/link.  Please access the login page directly via
  • Your browser may be auto-filling an old or incorrect login or password.   We suggest you clear your cookies and browser cache to overcome this problem.
  • If you are using the Aconex for Outlook plugin, make sure you have updated your new password there too.

I have not received a password reset email

  • Make sure you have entered your email address or login name correctly in the password reset screen.
  • Check your junk/spam folder in case the email was filtered there.  
  • Ask you IT to allow all emails from to be delivered through your organization's mail server.
  • Ask your Org Admin to set a temporary password for you.  They can also check your email address and login name.
  • Org Admin unable to help? Contact our Service Desk.

I have not received an activation email as a new user

I keep being redirected to the Lobby

After clicking an email notification link, you may find yourself being redirected to sign in with your Oracle Construction and Engineering account.  If you don't wish to use the Lobby you can click Cancel Redirection.

cancel redirection

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