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Aconex Tenders/Bids smooth out the bumps in the traditional tendering process.

Note that Aconex Tenders/Bids is a completely separate product from BidContender, which is a standalone Aconex application.

Search for Tenders/Bids

Find out how to search for tenders/bids and tender invitations.

Create and Send a Tender/Bid Invitation

Find out how to set up a tender/bid, nominate recipients, and send it.

Respond to a Tender/Bid Invitation as a User

Respond to a Tender/Bid if you've used Aconex before.

Respond to a Tender/Bid Invitation as a Guest

Respond to a Tender/Bid if you've never used Aconex before.

Manage an Open Tender/Bid

Find out how to monitor open tenders/bids and their responses.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between Aconex Tenders and BidContender?
Why can't I see the Tenders button?
How do I get permission to create a tender?
What is a Tenders Administrator?
How does sending an addendum affect the version number of a tender?
Any feedback?

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