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Aconex Handover

Aconex Handover

Aconex's solution for operations and maintenance manuals.

What is Aconex Handover?

What is Handover?

Find out more about our solution for the operations and maintenance manuals on your project.

Preparing Aconex Handover

Preparing Handover

Work with suppliers to capture documentation for your Handover Manual.

Delivering documents for a Handover

Delivering documents

Help for suppliers providing O&M documentation for an Aconex project.

Using Handover

Using Handover

Find out how to use your manual.

Self Service Build as you go

Build as You go

Assemble your manual materials as you go and save time at the end of your project.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I manage asset references?
How many copies of the Handover Manuals do I get?
Can I get a printed copy of my O&M manual?
Can I upgrade my O&M manual?
Any feedback?

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