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Use project mail for day-to-day correspondence.

Create and send mail

Create, forward and send mail in Aconex.

Managing mail

Manage your mail, and keep your Tasks page clear of clutter.

Mailing groups

Streamline Aconex mail with mailing groups.

Mail and your email account

Integrate Aconex mail with your email for a smoother workflow.

Mail approvals

Do you have an email awaiting approval? Here's what to do.

Templates and signatures

Speed things up with email templates and signatures.

Guest users

Reply to Aconex Mail when you are a guest user.

Frequently asked questions

Why is the date of a mail different in Tasks and Search than in the mail view?
How do I find mail that was sent to me?
Why can I see other people's mail?
What is the difference between outstanding and overdue project mail?
Why can’t I get read receipts for Aconex Mail?