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Share models with everyone on the project.

Getting Started with Models

Learn about Models and check system requirements.

Model Explore

View and navigate models to see exactly what you need.

Model Coordination

Build more into your models: integrate Aconex documents and mail.

Working with models

Add, update, share and download models from you document register or local drive.

BIM Mobile

Access Models from wherever you are.

Models downloads

Download plugins for CAD and publish directly to Aconex.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get access to Models?
What's a model stack?
Can Models support IFC files created from SP3D and other formats?
It’s not called Models in my industry. Can we call it something else, like VDC?
Can I upload multiple models at the same time?
Will others working on the project be automatically notified when a model is updated?
Can I access previous versions of models?
Can I generate 2D model artifacts using Models?
Does Models do clash detection?
When should I use a comment? And when should I just send a mail from Models?
What BCF versions does Models support?
Any feedback?

Thanks. A ticket has been opened with the Support Central team.