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Welcome to Aconex Essentials. We’re happy you’re here.

Welcome to Aconex Essentials. We’re happy you’re here.

We’ve gathered our most useful information to get you started on your journey right away.

What is Aconex anyway?

They say a video is worth 1.8 million words, so watch ours to learn more. If you’d rather read, we’ll keep it simple:

Construction projects generate thousands of documents, drawings, and other types of files. Aconex stores all of this information safely and securely online, and then provides the tools to help you manage workflows and collaborate with everyone on your project. Just think of us as your project’s secure filing cabinet.

Ready to dig into Aconex? Let us guide you through the essentials

What do you know about Aconex neutrality? We make collaboration easy while protecting your data. Learn more

Key in padlock

Logging in

The most important thing you’ll do in Aconex.
Two people, one waves.

User roles and projects

Working alone isn’t fun. Learn about user roles and get added to a project.
A filing drawer filled with documents.

Working with Documents

Upload and transmit to your heart’s content.
An envelope in motion.

Working with Mail

It’s different than email, but just as easy to use.
A magnifying glass over a document.


Track down that Mail or Document you’re looking for.
A list displays on a screen.


It’s your to-do list, but neater.
A rocket ship takes off..

Video-based training

For when you’ve had enough reading, there’s a video to help.
A pointed finger runs down the page of an open manual.

Aconex User Guide