As of mid-November 2019, Aconex Field Mobile has been replaced by Oracle Aconex Mobile. At the end of May 2020, Aconex Field Mobile will be removed from the app stores and we will stop updating and supporting it. During the transition period, you may use both apps on the same project, however you MUST synchronize all your work data on both apps with the Oracle Aconex servers.


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Simple site inspections, fully integrated with Aconex.

Get started with Field

Everything you need to start using Field.

Inspect issues using Field

Capture issues using Field.

Manage user settings

Manage user access to Field functionality.

Work with Issues

Complete issues you've been assigned using Field.

Manage issue capture settings

Make it easier to capture issues in Field.

Use checklists for an inspection

Use Field Checklists for structured site inspections.

Manage checklist settings

Manage checklists on your Field project.

Release Notes

The latest information on Field releases.