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Field Administrator Kit

Set up and run Field projects smoothly with this comprehensive kit.

1. Register with Aconex

Register with Aconex, if your organization isn’t already registered.

If it is, contact your Aconex Organization Administrator and ask them for access to the project. Your Aconex login will also give you access to Field.

Register with Aconex

2. Prepare your project hierarchy

Prepare your project hierarchy and send it to us.

If your project’s not already in Aconex, we’ll create it there. Then we'll set up your project's areas in Field.

prepare hierarchy

3. Invite people to your Aconex Project

Invite people and organizations to your Aconex Project.

If the project’s already in Aconex, most of your Field participants may already be on the project. You won’t need to invite them again.

Invite people to Aconex

5. Review your project’s settings

Review settings

6. Check your issue capture settings

Issue capture settings

7. Tell your team the Field project’s ready

Your project's ready. Tell Inspectors inside and outside your organization, as well as subcontractors and others you'll assign issues to.

Consider sending them links to our:

Tell your team.

8. Administer your project day to day

Administer your project

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