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Administrator Kit for Project Admins

Administrator Kit for Project Admins

As the Project Administrator, you're responsible for setting up and managing how your project is run in Aconex.

What is a Project Administrator?

User Role

A Project Administrator is responsible for managing a project in Aconex. Find out more.

Manage organizations on your project

Manage what the organizations on your project can, and can't, do – including your own.

Create organizational roles, use Access Control and add users onto your project.

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Manage your project's settings

Now that your project is up and running, manage the settings for mail, documents. You can also set up auto-numbering schemes for mail and documents.

Configure auto-numbering schemes, add disciplines, set autotext templates.

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Project Setup Guide

Steps to set strong foundations for your project's success.

Setting up a new project? We'll show you how.

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Project preferences

Set and manage project-specific preferences in Aconex.

Control all the settings specific to your project.

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